Unfckwithable secrets of Thomas Shelby

One of my favourite TV characters of all-time is Thomas Shelby from Peaky Blinders.

Quick synopsis: Peaky Blinders follows a post-WWI era gang in Birmingham. The show centers around the Blinders’ Leader, Thomas Shelby, as he brings the gang through a natural order of expansion. From local dominance, to their country, to going international.

The reason Tommy’s made it to the top of my list is because of the Unfuckwithable leadership and stoicism he carries himself with (while pulling off endless heists, schemes, capers, and completing his missions).

Chaos is exploding around him such as when:

  • A glock his shoved in his face

  • Rival gangs blow up their home pub and beat him within an inches of losing his life

  • The police are breathing down his neck, threatening the livelihood of his businesses

  • His family his under attack, threatened, or otherwise in danger

Through it all not only is Tommy able to retain control, act with confidence, and make decisions that are (generally) for the greater good of his family and their business, but he manages to take whatever force his bearing down on him, and use it against his opponent.

He’s proactive, rather than reactive. Always playing the game from 7 steps ahead.

The risk in each decision is calculated. Upside maximized, downside minimized (where possible).

Death is not feared—it is stared into, and used as reason to keep going.

Thomas Shelby is truly Unfuckwithable, and it’s because of this that he’s able to methodically build his empire.

There’s much to be learned from watching how he operates, and applying the principles to your life.

His ability to steadfastly keep marching forward, keeping eyes on his mission (even when dozens of bones in his body are broken, family is in danger, or on the heels of betrayal) is a large part of his success.

I suggest you practice doing the same.

No, I don’t suggest killing, sabotaging, or maiming anyone who stands in your way, but your life will improve immensely if you develop an Unfuckwithable edge.

As for what happens when you become more and more Unfuckwithable?

Your own heists, schemes, and capers go off without a hitch.

You learn to adapt to chaos while retaining focus on your mission(s).

People come to trust your decisions, and will support your missions rather than sabotage them (whether done consciously or not, those who don’t understand and support you WILL hinder rather then help—and don’t think that friends or family are excluded from this).

There is no literally no downside to sharpening your Unfuckwithable edge.

Truth be told, it’s mandatory if you want to live the Coffee Cartel lifestyle, which ironically, is much like the Peaky Blinders lifestyle (save for the robberies, treason and killings).

Point being, when you’re Unfuckwithable, you will find success.

When you find success, you can live however you damn well please.

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