There’s a certain, all-encompassing power which comes with knowing what your mission in the gym is, and why you train. Alas, in my rough estimation, 95% of lifters don’t know what they’re trying to achieve, let alone the why behind it. In many respects, these are wannabe meatheads.

FWIW: I’m not saying that 95% of you reading this will never make progress or achieve the results you’re after. Rather, without knowing what’s truly driving you, or taking the time to figure out exactly what you want to accomplish, you’re going to be challenged to truly move the needle forward.

Last week, as I lay the foundation for my current mission (more on this below), I stepped back under a heavily loaded barbell to knock out back squats for what surely was the first time in months. While they were a far cry from the silky smooth reps I was able to knock out four months ago, it did feel fantastic to step under a bar that struck a little fear in my soul, and toss that fucker around.

As of last week, I also happen to be back training at my “home gym” for the time being. Naturally, this means I keep running into people I haven’t seen in months or since competing, and there’s been no shortage of comments to the tune of:

“You’re a beast”

“How was your show?”

“It was really interesting to watch your prep”

“It was awesome to see you prep while travelling”

Which is all well and good for satisfying my ego, but here’s the thing (and this is something I preach inside Mullan’s Meatheads)…

I’m nothing special. I’m simply crystal-clear on my mission. Which, for the record, is doing what I must to improve my physique for when I step on stage again in two years — yes, that is my timeline, and I’m unwilling to bend or break as I move a little further down the path each day, and refuse to break focus.

Sure, “I want to look better,“I want to squat 30 more pounds,” and “I just want bigger arms” are all valid reasons for getting your ass into the gym and training, but there’s always a deeper reason — the true reason that drives you to do what you do.

Is it because you know that improving your aesthetic will improve your confidence? Will adding 30 pounds to your back squat make you feel more capable in your daily tasks? Does the thought of having bigger arms, and needing to buy shirts where the sleeves aren’t so tight get you giddy inside?

These are the deeper, emotionally rooted drivers that drive us all, as humans, to make the choices that we do. When you understand that there’s something deeper going on, when you know your reason, the entire game changes. 

The resistance that urges you to pass on the gym disappears. Overwhelming feelings of inspiration, the ensuing rush of motivation course through your veins, and action follows. Your progress accelerates, and change truly begins to take place, while obstacles that once handcuffed you, now fall before you like poorly-placed dominos.

There’s a certain, required mindset that needs to be at play if you want to enjoy continual progress, see your physique transform before your eyes, and watch the weight on the bar climb week-after-week. It’s the exact mindset I embody, and it’s not limited to just myself. You too, can tap into this way of thinking.

If I had to boil it down to a single sentence: your mindset must be such that you’re willing to do whatever is necessary to see the results you want (without neglecting your health, relationships, or using all the drugs). If that means turning away a piece of cake, resisting the urge to eat an entire pizza, or drag yourself to the gym when you’d much rathe Netflix & Chill all afternoon, so be it.

This is exactly why Mullan’s Meatheads has been such a boon to the swoley crew who make up it’s ranks. Even I myself have benefitted from having a group of like-minded lifters to hang out with every day.

I’ve mentioned this before, yet it bears repeating: One of the best parts in being a member of Mullan’s Meatheads is joining a community of people who all share a similar mission (the specifics may vary from person to person, but the overarching goal of improvement is standard).

We’re all there to support one another when times get tough. We share ideas, brain farts, and swolefies (post-workout selfies taken with a ridiculous pump). Best of well, we all grow and progress (physically and mentally) as a unit.

You can shed the chains of wannabe meatheads at the link below:

Yours in MASS,

_Meathead Mullan