Why You Should Stop Lying About Your Skills

I’ve got a golden nugget of non-fitness and health advice locked, loaded, and coming your way this morning.

Whether you think you *need* to hear this or not, it bears repeating.

Because the occasional reminder to be human serves you, and the world well.

In case you were wondering, or have forgotten as we all do on occasion, being brutally honest and upfront about your skillset, goals, experience, and intention will take you much, much further than damn near any other trait.

For some context, a couple weeks back on a whim, I applied for an internship that piqued my curiosity.

I figured it’d be a good learning experience, so I rattled off my application in ten minutes, hit “submit,” and promptly forgot about it.

For the record, I have zero experience in this niche (publishing/ghostwriting), and the closest thing I do have to a shred of experience is the writing I do for MASSthetics, EliteFTS, and the other sites I’ve been published on…and that’s quite a stretch.

However, said internship is for a sales & marketing apprenticeship – which is an area I’ve devoted much time, attention, energy, and resources to learning about over the past year and a half.

If I’m remembering correctly, one of the questions on the application was to the tune of:

“We recently published this client case study which details how publishing a book helped our client explode her business. How would you promote this case study to have a positive impact on *our* business?”


– The case study heavily focused on the client, her book, and her business.

– The publishing company itself was barely mentioned.

– Again, I have zero familiarity with the market of either company (the clients or the publishers).

My answer (after staring at the question for ten minutes trying to bullshit my way through it)?


Truthfully, I don’t know how I would approach this task.

I have little-to-no experience in executing content promotion like this.

But, this is something I would love to learn more about, and can see myself being able to perform to a high level in the near future.

In the meantime, here’re two ideas I thought of that may work:


Fast forward to this week…

I’m (somehow) in the final interview stage for the position, and in contention for landing the apprenticeship.

Yes, I’m confident that I nailed the other questions, and the tasks that came afterward, but I believe it was my above answer in particular that stood out to whomever read through my application.

Yes, I could have lied, and attempted to bullshit out a smart-sounding answer, but it doesn’t take a genius to see through such tricks.

Being honest and transparent about your abilities, while being open to learning is a sure-fire way to continually improve, and get to where you want to be.

Moral of the story:

Let this serve as a reminder that simply doing the right thing will *always* be the most successful, profitable, fruitful, and/or impactful choice.

And so it is.

Yours in MASS,

_Meathead Mullan

PS. When it comes to your physique, and your health, chances are that you know what the right thing to do is. Whether that means not skipping out on a training session, turning down the bowl of ice cream being shoved in your face, or getting your ass out of bed for a morning walk.

Actually doing the right thing, as it is with being brutally honest, is much easier said than done.

Fortunately, there’s a group that can help you with that.

It’s time you do the right thing for your mission of getting jacked, shredded and tanned, and hop to the link below: