Without THIS you won’t have two bags of burritos to bang together

“Asterix, I have a plan!”

“That’s our strong point, Getafix. We’re bursting with ideas!”

Earlier this week I woke up, watered and caffeinated myself, grabbed my laptop to knock out some edits on a sales scroll I’m working on…and realized all I wanted to do was sip from my Sorcerers Guild mug and read my favourite comics of all-time, Asterix & Obelix.

And so I did (Worldbuilding Perk #213).

For a little context, Asterix & Obelix comics are a collection of stories about a village of indomitable Gauls who are the only remaining resistance to Roman emperor Julius Caesar.

In the adventure I read, Asterix and the village druid, Getafix, find themselves in a bit of a pickle, trapped in a Roman camp.

As they’re plotting and scheming a way out of their mess, Getafix bursts out, “Asterix, I have a plan!”

To which Asterix replies, “That’s out strong point, Getafix. We’re bursting with ideas!”

He’s not wrong…this wildly group of indomitable Gauls is always teeming with ideas, schemes, and capers.

As a result, with a little help from their magic potion, they’re able to stay one step ahead.

So, what does this have to do with you, dear Worldbuilder?

Everything, I say.

The Gauls are able to resist old man Julius because of their incessant ability to pop out ideas

And you, as a Worldbuilder, are destined to thrive (or fail) off the back of your ideas.

Content, products, services, marketing…all any of these are are ideas.

Without them, you don’t won’t have a peg leg to stand on or two bags of burritos to bang together.

Which is why I’ve devoted the entirety of this month’s dusty scroll to sharing —

— My sorcerous idea generation process (for you to rob, swipe, steal, and implement)

— The stinky little secrets I use to increase my likelihood of success with a given idea (I call this putting yourself into an unfair position to succeed)

— My mystical recipe for Creationserum (the potion I sip to ensure I don’t run out of ideas for to write about)

…and whoooole lot more.

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