Your Grand Headmaster vs. thieving “business coaches”

“If they’re so good at business, why not blow their own business up by scaling, improving, and implementing more products and services?”

I stopped my mindless Fakebook scrolling to read the above comment and thread in its entirety…

This comment rankled me largely because it’s a question that hasn’t been far from my mind since I shut down MASSthetics (ye old fitness business) at the end of last year.

(For those newer to these parts, I shut down my fitness business, dove into freelance copywriting, and now cut my own cheques helping clients with their email marketing and by teaching ethical, honest, effective marketing via The Sorcerers Guild newsletter)

There are two main reasons why I decided to pull the plug on my fit biz, and tune my focus to copywriting, persuasion, marketing, and teaching others what I know:

1. My favourite part of growing my fitness business was everything to do with the marketing of it. Honestly, while helping people transform their physique is cool, it never got my dick hard. But learning the ins and outs of direct response marketing, human nature, and the weird triggers that make us buy…*hastily hides bulging erection*

2. When I’d sit down to write emails for my fitness list, I can’t count the number of times I thought, “man, I wish I was writing about marketing or copywriting.” Talk about an obvious clue…
Another part of the quoted comment above went on to talk about the *apparent* (I can’t say I’ve actually come across many of these people) scummy, scammy business coaches who know sweet fuck all, regurgitate easily Googleable information, and have a habit of taking your money and running.

It doesn’t matter what industry you’re in.

There will ALWAYS be shady slimeballs who can’t be trusted…and it’s a shame that there actions have led to creating a stigma around business coaching.

But, the truth is, I don’t worry about that stigma at all.

It quite literally never crosses my mind.


Because similar to fitness coaching, languages, cooking, playing an instrument, or ballet, marketing is a skill. I put in (and continue to put in) countless hours becoming a more engaging, persuasive, and skilled marketer. The way I see it, if you’re good at something and can help people get the results they want, you’re doing yourself—and potential clients/customers—a massive disservice by not teaching and sharing what you know.

Take, for example, the seriously impressive results Clandestine Round Table member and Sorcerers Guild subscriber Ben has generated in 60-odd days:


“I swore by stone, oak, and elm that October would be my most consistent month and I did not break my word.

I’ve posted on social media every single day.

I’ve sent 4 emails to my list every week.

My next 4 week block for my online clients starts next week and I have 17 signed up (this was ZERO when I joined the Round Table).


Imagine what 17 brand new clients or customers inside of two months would mean for your business, and your worldbuilding adventures…

At the present moment there are no seats available at The Round Table, BUT there’s still time to join The Sorcerers Guild before I send the next issue to my Scribe.

In the coming issue, one of the things I’m going to talk about is the process I use for generating ideas (for products, emails, and content), vetting them for quality, and validating them.

If you —

A. WANT to create your own freedom, write your own paycheques, and build your ideal world but can’t seem to come up with any ideas worth chasing…

B. Are looking to create new products for your business…

…then this is the issue for you.

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